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Here it is! Folkloric: Book One of the Folkloric series...

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover and blurb of Folkloric, Book One of the Folkloric series…

Available to pre-order here.

Creatures from folklore can be pretty gruesome. Good job they’re not real, and I definitely haven’t just slept with one of them.

Same old sleepy small-town France. I spend my days serving patisserie badly to the outlandish crowd at the café, and writing folklore research papers that will never, ever be published.

That’s until my clanger of a drunken hookup with the town’s hot new doctor, who turns into a hideous drac and eats Grampi’s favourite goat. Oh, and not to mention, a troop of ragtag fae storms my home, a fatal illness devastates the town, and a fae curse threatens Grampi’s life.

I may be having trouble accepting this new and delightful side of reality, but my knowledge of folklore and my skill with a blade means I have a shot at sorting this whole mess out before the town and everything I love is destroyed. The only thing is, I’ll have to work with the devious, scumbag doctor (he’s still picking goat out of his teeth). And he just might be the biggest challenge of all.

Fun, feisty and fast paced with a little sweet romance, the Folkloric series is perfect for fans of Lauretta Hignett, Lindsay Buroker and Heather G. Harris.


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