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Folkloric Lure has been released into the wild!

One of the ARC readers favourite quotes...

"I'm not going to bite, Camille," he said with a smirk. "No, actually, knowing me, I might. But you'll have to take the risk."

Here are a few of the reviews...

"An honest-to-goodness MUST READ!"

"I am both saddened this book is over and happy that I’ll get sleep tonight."

"A thrilling novel from start to finish."

"This world is so incredibly described and sculpted. The lore is superb (as always) The characters continue to grow in the story and in our hearts."

"If you want to read a series that will keep you up all night reading just one more chapter then this book is for you."

Available in eBook, paperback and KU here. Happy reading!


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