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Folkloric Ruse: Book Three of the Folkloric Series
Folkloric Ruse cover

I've always known my partner has a dark side, but I've just discovered

he's pure evil...

I’ve fully committed to being a Keeper of the Bounds between the fae and human realms, but I have to admit, I’m struggling to trust my partner, Lucas. We really didn’t have the best start, not to mention he’s so secretive, and it doesn’t help that I’m unnerved by the attraction between us.

On top of that, the bounds are splitting, the cracks of dark oblivion growing by the day. We have to put a stop to their expansion right now, because the consequences would mean the end of, well… everything.

Thinking his family may be involved, Lucas heads to Grimmere, his fae homeland, to find out what’s going on. Does he want my help? Nope. I have strict instructions to stay home and look after things here, which only adds to my general distrust.

But when a reliable source informs me that Lucas’s life is in perilous danger, I have no choice but to head to Grimmere. What I find there leaves me reeling. I now know who and what my partner is, and it’s blacker than sin.

With flawed characters and strong emotional arcs, the Folkloric series weaves a beguiling hidden fae world with epic stakes and all the feels. The chosen one and the perfect hero were so traumatised by the goblins, they upped and left for another book.

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