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Release date:

1st May

I have to make the biggest decision of my life, and if I don’t get some headspace, I’m going to explode.

Everyone is telling me what to do. Lucas, the fickle, beguiling and much-too-hot drac, wants me to train as Keeper of the Bounds between the fae and human realms. Grampi wants to wrap me up in cotton wool, well away from any hint of danger. And my father, on an unwelcome visit, is insisting I follow the academic folklore career I always wanted.

They can go jump. It’s my life, and I’ll decide about my future when I’m good and ready.

Anyway, I have more pressing matters to deal with. An eminent Folklorist is coming to town with her team for their summer project, and I’ve been asked to assist. Being immersed in the field will give me the opportunity to figure out what I really want. It all goes perfectly… for about five minutes, until fae interfere with our research, putting lives and my reputation on the line.

I’ve had enough. I’m not going to let anyone else mess with my life. I head into Fae to track down the culprits. Instead of classroom theory, it’s complete folkloric immersion, and I find more than I’d bargained for. Not only am I having to deal with Lucas, who constantly has his eyes on me, but it becomes harrowingly clear that it’s not just the folklorist’s lives in danger, it’s everyone else’s too.

Fun, feisty and fast paced with a little sweet romance, the Folkloric series is perfect for fans of Lauretta Hignett, Lindsay Buroker and Heather G. Harris.

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