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Folkloric Fae: The Folkloric series prequel novella
Folkloric Fae book cover

Getting the better of my beguiling masked tormentor is going to take knowledge of folklore and a whole lot of patisserie. 


Folklore is my life. I can’t get enough of the local fairy tales and the stories of creatures that prowl in the night. But when I see fae inside the patisserie counter at work as well as in my nightmares, and my lovely boss is taken seriously ill, my life starts to crack.

I’m sure those nightmares are the root of my problem. One minute I’m dreaming of weird cat-like things suffocating me. The next, my subconscious has conjured up a rather well-built and enigmatic man wearing a masquerade mask and a dress coat. For some reason, I’m both ridiculously attracted to him and completely repelled. 

When he arrogantly informs me I’m having the fae version of a job interview, and he is my assessor—oh, and my interview involves being pitted against blood-chilling creatures from my darkest childhood fears—I not so politely decline. 

Anyway, it’s just a dream, right? All I need is to wake up and forget about it. The only thing is, one of said horrific creatures is about to swallow my boss whole, and I can’t shake the certainty that if I don’t do something, she will die—not just in the nightmare, but in real life too.


Fun, feisty and fast paced with a little sweet romance, the Folkloric series is perfect for fans of Lauretta Hignett, Lindsay Buroker and Heather G. Harris.

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